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Moral Values consisted with environment protection

This is one of my assignment, it may not so good in writting skill and may be others as well, but I would like to share it with you all.

Ecology is becoming a more and more important subject nowadays because it scientifically studies the relation of nature and living organisms with each other as well as with their surroundings. Furthermore, this subject investigates the unique interactions in our environment. Amid this, global warming was one of the issues which had been discussed recently. An article titled “Global Warming” had been written and published on NASA website at 11 May 2007 and the author of the article – Holli Riebeek, had compiled the facts and some figures over global warming inside his article.
In the article, author stated that there were almost 600 scientists had sifted more than thousand of studies in last five years and concluded that warming of the climate system is unequivocal. Evidently, humans are to be blame for this phenomenon because of greenhouse gases that spewed from cars and factories. However, would slight increase of temperatures for decades cause a big problem for human? Yes, it is. Even a slight change on temperatures over a century is capable of producing significant changes in environment and way of life. With the significant figures that had been recorded, scientists predicted that in the future, the temperature will keep on rising, cause the seas rise, which could leave low-lying nations awash in seawater. Hence, human is necessary to understand what global warming is and how does it impact humanity.

Firstly, egoism moral theory took in case to be discussed. An egoist would consider a value as good if it benefits the egoist himself, and bad or cruel if it harms or causes him to suffer a loss. “For decades, cars and factories have spewed billions of tons of greenhouse gases into atmosphere,” which is abstracted from article, had shown that humans are egoists; they had considered their self interest is more important than the environment surrounding. According to John Dewey, these moral behaviors were being encouraged because of their actions were generally accepted and they were social conditioned.
In detail, humans’ action on their selfishness is in aligns with the principle of ethical egoism. It is because humans possess the right to act in a way that can bring the highest good. Indeed, the highest advantage for human will be the conveniences that brought by vehicles and factories. Vehicles may give convenience for human to travel from different places, whereas, factories produce a lot of product which satisfied human materialistic lives. It had exactly showed that human had the moral obligation to act and to make decisions by referring the moral standard that increasing their own welfare.

Secondly, deontological theory is referred in this case too. In deontological theory, the basic duties and rights of individuals or groups and act in accordance with those guidelines will be mainly considered. Mostly, the decision to be made will depend on how an individual or a group considers the moral obligations. If humans wanted to act morally according to deontological theory, they must have self-consciousness in receiving specific constraints, such as to protect environment for avoiding continuingly global warming, which place their limits between self-interest and general good. Apart from that, human needs to judge his or her action depend on the standard, and not on pleasure of suffering, whenever it is consistent with the rules, it would be regarded as moral, otherwise, it is not.
According to principle of duty, human should do a moral duty towards others, such as towards environment in this case. Humans want to do something to protect environment heartily, such as reducing use of unrecyclable resource. If recyclable resources are being used widely, it would help to reduce consuming of new resources. As a result, it lengthened the duration of consuming limited resources. With freedom set for human, they would want to measure the conditions and benefits between them and the environment intelligently and finally make an appropriate choice to perform their moral action.

Thirdly, society authorities are required to pay more efforts on this issue. Since they have adequate authoritative power to control or influence the entire society to act morally to the environment, they need to create rules and orders for society to follow for achieving the goal. After social orders had been created, it would become a tradition for future generations; make them aware of environment issues. Certainly, the social orders would need to be modified so that it could suit future situation, hence the future generations would not follow it blindly.

Finally, in aligns with moral ethical dimensions, human would want to judge their actions in three dimensional ways, which are moral reasoning, moral feeling, and moral performance. First of all, humans have to think about the environment surrounding, if the environment being destroyed, it would resulting that the ecosystem would also be influenced and even cause species extinction. Hence, starting protect environment to avoid impact to ecosystem as well as continuingly global warming as humans’ main reason. Thus, they may feel sympathies to environment, the animals and earth. This avoidance can be done through some simple actions, especially in humans’ daily lives. Humans should bring along their personal Tupperware or container to pile the foods, instead of using unrecyclable plastic bags.

In a nutshell, human would needs to take attention to their action, which had spewed a lot of greenhouse gases that may cause green house effect, even global warming. Although humans possess their right to create anything that may brings side effect on environment, such as air pollution, increasing their own welfare, they are obligate to protect the environment, and it would finally benefits human in long term. Furthermore, human should balance their self-interest and general goods, act morally according principle of duty.
Besides that, human would need to have social morality which can be achieve by following the social orders set by society authorities, who will lead the entire society to aware of the climate changes and start protecting the environment. Apart from that, in aligns with moral ethical dimensions, humans would perform their moral actions after they morally judging their actions with a moral reason and the feeling on it. Humans need to gain an understanding of how is environment protection consisted with moral values.

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