Monday, April 13, 2009

Diary for 12, april 2009~

Today is the day that I ever over-spent…However, all what I spent at are more valuable than the cost that I had paid. This is what about today…

12,April 2009, Sunday – The last day of PIKOM PC Fair where held in KLCC convention centre. Hao Chia(Lyne) had asked me whether I will follow or to accompany him to go to PC Fair..Since I felt so boring today and I would like to buy some PC programming book for self-study, I agreed to accompany him to go KLCC, Huan Yang(hy) as well. About 2.30pm, Lyne reached my home and fetch me together with hy and start going to KLCC. Unfortunately, it’s rainy day , and it wasn’t look good. We just take on the risk, “Flying” to KLCC, because we think it was late when we reach there. Just like what had mentioned, when we reach there, we got stuck in the bad traffic jam, turn round and round in KLCC surrounding, to look for a car parking. More than 1 and half hour we find for the car parking..Finally, we found that car parking which is near to KLCC convention centre, with fix rate RM6.00, a quite reasonable price. Gosh….look at the clock, it was almost 5pm, you can imagine how long we got stuck in there.

The hungriness urged me to have a lunch quickly, if not I couldn’t continue my KLCC journey as well as to write my blog here. We had chosen BurgerKing instead of A&W to have our simple meal. Oo…it is second time I have my meal in BurgerKing, my first experience was bad that I could still remember the staff continuously gave me the wrong balance, swt!! Of cause, because of Sunday and the PC Fair exhibition, there were so much people queuing up for ordering the food. After we finished our lunch, we step forward into convention centre through the tunnel. Nothing much different in the PC Fair compare to last time in January, the most would be the MP5 and the RM1k earphone. Technology nowadays is growing very fast, 5th generation Media Player even launched and sold in market, and that I don’t even know. Hence, I think I have to update my knowledge more often and frequent.

It was shock one, how could a headphone cost 1.3K ringgits?? It surprised me!! Lyne and I requested to have a demo about that headphone to try out what special effect by using. Ooo.. No wonder~ when I wearing the headphone, I couldn’t hear the noise in surrounding, just like listen to a closed concert, the echo sound in ear had totally covered the noise outside. Although I know the promoter who was just stand beside me talking with me, but I really cannot heard what she said. Somehow, I think it is a negative to me, firstly, the damage caused to our listening would surely amplified compare to a normal headset. Secondly, think about it, how if someone is shout for emergency calling? Like Fire, bla bla bla?

Follow on, after we exit the PC Fair and redeemed all the free gifts in counter, we go to Kinokuniya Book Store. Wow, all the books are categorized and placed neatly in the bookshelf. I saw the programming bookshelf part, and I walk there to choose which programming language that I want to study during my 2-month-holiday.. Originally, I would like to choose to learn C#, but my friend said got free E-book, so I changed my mind, select Java programming language to learn first. Don’t be surprise why I choose to study Java by self as it can be learn in class. I think there are many languages need Java as fundamental, Like JSP, .Net…Hence, I think I have to master Java first before I learn other languages.

It was quite late after we exit Kinokuniya, so we decided to have dinner outside, after that only back home. We had argued along the route, cause we don’t know want to eat what. We finally selected an Italian food restaurant – Bel Pasto…Then, we had go back home~ Home sweet Home~

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